Target Industries: Retail

Target Industries: Retail

Jefferson County, Illinois
is a retail and hospitality powerhouse

Thanks to both our thriving communities and our central location at the meeting point of two Interstate highways, Jefferson County, Illinois is a natural location for a broad range of retail businesses.

Our location at the meeting of Interstates 57 and 64 (and just down the road from I-70) makes us an ideal site for hotels, restaurants, and facilities such as conference and event centers. It also presents opportunities for service stations, convenience stores, and other businesses serving the needs of truckers and tourists. In fact, our central location offers such convenience and easy access that companies such as Walgreens have chosen Jefferson County for key distribution centers.

With a strong employment base, local residents have money to spend — and the retail businesses serving their needs don’t have to worry about a shortage of available workers. Our county’s connectivity places a labor force of more than 639,000 within a one-hour drive.

The strength of our workforce is supported with employer-focused programs at both the high school and postsecondary level, with programs in culinary arts, consumer sciences, family sciences, business, accounting, and human resources.