Target Industries: Existing Industries

Target Industries: Existing Industries

Jefferson County, Illinois works for existing employers

In some places, economic development is limited to attracting new businesses, but in Jefferson County, Illinois, we recognize the value of helping our current employers thrive and grow. Local companies are the backbone of our economy and we’re ready to help them with their needs.

We’re proud to work with outstanding corporate citizens like Continental Tire, the world’s fourth-largest tire manufacturer and employer of nearly 3,600 local residents. Walgreens, the nation’s second-largest pharmacy store chain, operates a major distribution facility here that employs 1,500 people.  Mt. Vernon is the headquarters of National Railway Equipment Company, manufacturers of low-emission, low-noise locomotives, owner of the world’s largest privately owned locomotive fleet, and part of our area’s 130-year railroad manufacturing tradition.

We’re also honored to partner with healthcare providers SSM Health Good Samaritan Hospital Center and Crossroads Community Hospital as they work to improve the well-being of Jefferson County residents and families throughout Southern Illinois.

If your Jefferson County business has goals or challenges for which you need our support, please give us a call. Whether you need new equipment, more workers, a larger building, or assistance with government incentives, we’ll put our expertise and resources to work for you.