Robust and affordable utilities
serve Jefferson County, Illinois

Companies that do business in Jefferson County, Illinois gain many advantages, and one of the most important is access to utility providers with plenty of capacity at remarkably affordable rates.

Electric Power. Depending upon the facility’s location, companies can obtain electric power up to 4 megawatts over 34.5- or 12-kilovolt distribution. Some locations offer three-phase service and redundant feeds.

Natural Gas. Jefferson County is served by natural gas providing up to 60 psig maximum allowable operating pressure delivered through 6” steel and 4” plastic piping.

Water. Up to two million gallons per day of excess available capacity is accessible through 10” and 12” plastic mains.

Wastewater. The city has up to six million gallons per day of excess available capacity.

Broadband. Local businesses can take advantage of broadband speeds of up to NEED MBps.