Solar power trend started by local business

The Tedrick Group leads by example. The risk management company has expertise with captive insurance policies. Now they have a new reputation; the sun powers their electrical system. At a cost of $70,369, the Tedrick Group added 63 solar panels to their rooftop in Mount Vernon, Illinois. They paid the up-front costs but will get long-term savings.

So who installs solar panels?
Clinton Electric, located in Ina, Illinois, installed the system. They energized it on February 4, 2019. This made the Tedrick Group the first company in Mount Vernon with a solar array. According to Pam Allen, President of Clinton Electric, the system will cover about 62% of the Tedrick Group’s annual electrical needs.

Where can I learn if solar will benefit my business? 
The Tedrick Group purchased the system through Springfield Electric. This could be because Springfield helps companies qualify for the rebates and tax credits that make solar more cost effective. When done right, an array creates significant savings. But each system performs differently. So here are some factors to consider:

  • Climate,
  • Annual weather,
  • Building infrastructure,
  • Cost of product purchased,
  • Cost of installation,
  • Businesses that use a lot of electricity save the most.

Currently, high quality US-made products are a strong option because of rising shipping costs and tariffs. And Illinois offers 93 different incentive programs to make solar more affordable.

The Tedrick Group knows when and how to take a calculated risk for reasonable reward. It is what their business is based on. And this new array is no exception, and it is a socially responsible move to boot. Best yet, it was done with local businesses and using US made products.