Mt. Vernon, IL, Jefferson County, IL, Economic Development, workforce, Rend Lake CollegeMt. Vernon, in Jefferson County, IL, situated at the crossroads of Interstate Highways 57 and 64, just one hour east of St. Louis, MO.  The north/south, east/west access to over 66% of the United States gives your company the opportunity of making shipping and receiving easier and more economical.  Mt. Vernon is a mid-western strategic point for industry, regional medical, freight and logistics.  With more than one billion dollars in expansions and new development over the last six years and available property at three highway exits, we are truly in growth mode.  Mt. Vernon has roughly  $6.9 million in grants from 2014 alone.  This includes funding toward a new 100-acre industrial park within one of our Tax Increment Financing Districts, in addition to many infrastructure and quality-of-life improvements. We have the support companies you need to keep your fleet on the road and your product moving.

Our workforce is ready, willing, and able to help you move your project from start up to full production in record time. With the assistance and outstanding services of our workforce development team and customized training programs through Rend Lake College, we can advise and support your company through the application, hiring, and training process.

You will find a business-friendly environment in the City of Mount Vernon and Jefferson County. The City of Mount Vernon has a progressive Mayor and Council who streamlined the local permitting process, pre-zoned property, created Tax Increment Financing Districts, and they maintain the Mount Vernon/Jefferson County Enterprise Zone to keep your project on track. Major corporations like Walgreens Distribution Center and Continental Tire the America have already discovered the many paybacks of locating in Mount Vernon.