World Class Workforce Program

The World Class Workforce program is a web-based work ethic training tool created by Human Resource and Workforce Development professionals, educators, and economic development partners, high school and post-secondary educators.  This program is designed to teach the user the twelve characteristics of a World Class Workforce using definitions, examples, and scenario knowledge checks to help them learn how to determine the best action or reaction to common workplace challenges and situations.

Upon completion of this training the participant will understand the importance of Attendance, Appearance, Attitude, Dependability, Integrity, Initiative, Communication, Commitment, Teamwork, Safety, Productivity, and Life Long Learning.  And, each participant is able to print a Certificate of Completion.

The World Class Workforce Web Based Work Ethic Training program is a collaborative effort of the members of the Jefferson County Development Corporation Workforce Development Committee including Human Resource Professionals, Educators, and Workforce Development experts, to create a program to educate and train the current and future workforce about the desirable characteristics of a World Class Workforce (WCW) including:

​The training course includes three lessons with voice over for the definitions, examples of each characteristic and Knowledge Checks after each characteristic.  The Knowledge Checks are real workplace scenarios that end with “what should you do?”  The participant then selects the answer that is most correct and, if it is correct, the text box and voice over says “That is correct” and gives the rational of why it is correct.  If they select the wrong answer, the program will say “That is not correct” and it will give the rationale of why it is incorrect.  Then, the participant will be asked to “Please try again”.  It should take each participant about two hours to complete all three lessons in the course.  Upon completion of the course, the participant can print the Certificate of Completion.

The participant has five opportunities to learn each characteristic: 1) when they read a characteristic, 2) when they read and hear the definition, 3) when they read and hear an example of the characteristic, 4) when they read and hear the rational of the Knowledge Check answer, and 5) when they read and hear the summary of the lesson.
This is an ideal Program for:

  • High School Career Development Programs teaching students about the world of work and work ethic.
  • Community College Career Development Programs to compliment their training and education by offering a work ethic training program.
  • Private Corporation Orientation Programs to let new employees know what they expect based on the 12 characteristics included in this program.
  • Workforce Investment Area Organizations to help job seekers understand work environment and employer expectations.
  • Chambers of Commerce as a Work Ethic training program to offer their membership.
  • Economic Development Organizations as a part of their Retention and Expansion program.
  • Trade Organizations to add to their resource library for their membership.

The World Class Workforce program is a collaborative effort of the members of the Jefferson County Development Corporation Workforce Development Committee, Mt. Vernon, Illinois, to create a program to educate and train the current and future workforce about the desirable characteristics of a World Class Workforce (WCW).

Over a period of five years, three separate labor market studies were initiated in various areas of Southern Illinois.  In reviewing and comparing the results of these studies, we found that our employers were still scoring “Work Ethic” as their number one issue.  So, we decided to take on the challenge to create something to address this problem.

After much research, we decided we would have to create a program that fit our needs.  The committee worked for many months defining “Work Ethic” and finally created a list of twelve characteristics that they felt were the most important attributes for our workforce.

Initially, we printed guidebooks, made an orientation DVD and printed posters for the schools and workplace, purchased space on a local billboard to promote the program and deployed this program in the local schools and within 15 companies in our area.  Over the first year we emailed monthly reminders about the program and encouraged them to begin discussions on the shop floor and in the classroom.  Then, after twelve months we surveyed the participating companies and schools.

The results of that survey showed that although the program received high marks for content and importance, it was difficult for the companies and educators to maintain.  The guidebooks and the discussions about the characteristics were not used with enough consistency to measure any change in the workforce.  BUT, they all thought this training was important.  Based upon survey results and subsequent conversations with the committee, we dropped the DVD, changed the static billboard space to an LED billboard space where we promote each characteristic and converted the program to a web based program.

Members of the Jefferson County Workforce Development Committee:

Cedarhurst Center for the Arts
City of Mt. Vernon
Continental Tire the Americas
Crossroads Community Hospital
Cusumano and Sons, Inc.
Mt. Vernon City School District # 80

Good Samaritan Regional Health Center
Jefferson County Development Corporation
Manpower, Inc.
Mt. Vernon Township High School District # 201
NAPA Distribution

National Railway Equipment Inc.
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Walgreens Distribution
Webber High School District # 204

​This program has an easy subscription program.  You can purchase the number of training units you believe you will use within one year… 20, 50, 100, or more.  You will have one year from the date of purchase to use the training.  Here is the pricing:

20 Person$10.00 each$200.00 each$140.00 each
50 Person$7.00 each$350.00 each$245.00 each
100 Person$5.00 each$500.00 each$350.00 each
200 Person$3.00 each$600.00 each$420.00 each
500 Person$2.00 each$1,00.00 each$700.00 each

If you are interested in a subscription, just send us an email through the “contact” page of this website.  We need your contact information, billing address, and the packet size.  You will be notified when your “User” account is set up, your access code will be emailed to you and we will email the invoice to you for the subscription.  Most accounts are active within two business days.

If you have a Learning Management System that your company supports and you are interested in using this program with your company course work, please call the JCDC office for information and fees related to downloading the curriculum.